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Anthony Sena, PhD
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The College of Arts and Sciences represents the core of Northern New Mexico College, providing fundamental knowledge in the arts, sciences, humanities, and mathematics. Our curricula are designed to: introduce students to the basic method of inquiry in diverse disciplines; develop analytic abilities and logical thinking; engage in the scientific method; increase skills in writing and speaking; foster creativity, and broaden their perspective regarding humanity and culture. Programs provide an in-depth education while giving students a broad educational experience.

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to enhancing student’s self-esteem, and assisting in the development of a focused, empowered, independent lifelong learner with a commitment to serving his/her community.

In addition to offering associate and bachelor degrees in our disciplines, we offer the entire general education curriculum (35 credits, General Education Common Cores) required for degree completion at Northern.

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Why does the Northern and the state of New Mexico require you take these 35 credits? It all started with the Greeks and Romans, BC. From the beginning there were seven general concepts or liberal arts: verbal arts, logic, grammar and rhetoric (Trivium), and mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy (Quadrivium). These seven pillars of “wisdom” were the basis for free education which separated free men from slaves. ( The renaissance brought us the scientific revolution and science was incorporated into the general concepts of an educated person.

Today we break the Liberal Arts into communication, mathematics, laboratory science, social and behavior science, and humanities and fine arts (the General Education Common core). The concept is simple: while people seek a career in a specialized field such as engineering, business, or nursing – everyone needs certain general knowledge. For example, everyone needs to write, read, and speak well, and develop analytical reasoning. These transferable skills of communication, logic, basic arithmetic, critical reasoning and problem solving are necessary no matter what profession you choose. The College of Arts and Sciences provides these building blocks for any educational experience and develops students' skills for a life of learning. Please explore the links below to learn more.

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